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Drupal disk quota of 10 MB has been reached Solution

For the past few days a customer of mine has been reaching out for support regarding her Drupal website. She has been getting the message "The selected file 123.JPG could not be uploaded. The file is 1.95 MB which would exceed your disk quota of 10 MB."

Apparently she is not alone, many people report the error "The selected file cannot be attached to this post, because the disk quota of 10 MB has been reached" when using Drupal and that is because the system has an automatic cap of 10 megabytes per user so that visitors cannot use up all of your space. In this case I want to increase the space because my customer needs to be able to upload more images in her posts! The fix is pretty easy as follows:

Promoting Online with Press Releases, Ethical and Ranking Consideration

Over the years several companies have begun offering "press release" services online. These services are designed to help build awareness, exposure and in some cases search engine optimization to a website. Some of the top names in this space are RWeb, Marketwire and the free PRLog.

Sending Files Online

Even as a seasoned webmaster and competent internet user with a Gmail account (capable of sending files < 10MB there are just some days you need more... I'm talking about sending those larger files, the ones that add up to hundreds of megabytes, videos, music, large presentations and other modern day content.

The hard part is figuring out how to send (or receive) large files from less experienced users. Sure, I can just FTP my files to a web server and share a link, I do that all the time, but I don't want to give out my FTP information to a low tech friend and it would be a real pain trying to help them figure out what FTPing is to begin with... that's where YouSendIt comes in.

Local Search Marketing Services

Sustainable Online Solutions has expanded into the local search services market and now offers solutions that help small businesses show up on Google Local as well as Yahoo and MSN.

While these services may leverage the hosting and design specialties of SOS, they are relatively different and stand alone. As a result, these services could be applied to an existing website and we have decided to group them in a new sub brand called Stratifine.

To find out more about how we can help move your business up the local search ladder and broaden your reach within a set geographic area visit

Services include:

  • video creation, editing, online promotion

Drupal Comment Spam Problem

Drupal is bumming me out lately, I got a call from Godaddy stating that my site was under quarantine due to database overuse. Turns out I was being uberspammed and had thousands of junk comments. This happened because I wasn't receiving moderation emails and hadn't setup a CAPTCHA or required registration for commenting. Bummer... there are plugins out there to help with this, do the extra work and install one.

...So after restoring the database for that site to an earlier version (which was still full of crappy spam) I had to go in and manually disable comments. Here's how I did it, and how you can do it to save your own site:

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